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Talia al Ghul originally referred to as simply " Talia " is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul. She is an occasional lover and enemy of Batman. She is the mother of Damian Wayne. In her youth, Talia travelled the world with her father learning and adapting his intellect and skills which she proves to be more competent than any of Ghul's other children.

She excels to the point in managing his criminal and legitimate operations, that she is eventually appointed as Ghul's primary secondary despite the fact that Ghul considers women to be inherently inferior to men. Ghul is supportive of his daughter though has commented that if possible, he would correct "that sole failing" in his child suggesting that he fears any possible distortion of her through chemical or biological modifications despite his aversion to her as a woman.

Talia first meets Batman when he rescues her from Dr. Darrkapparently the leader of the League of Assassins. It is eventually revealed that the League is just one part of Ra's al Ghul's organization, The Demonand that Darrk apparently turned against Ra's after failing in a mission the usual punishment for this being death. At the end of the story, she shoots and kills Darrk to save Batman's life. When Robin Dick Grayson is kidnapped, Ra's al Ghul enters the Batcaverevealing to Batman that he knows Batman's secret identity and claims that Talia was also kidnapped along with Dick.

Batman then goes with Ra's to search for Dick and Talia; it is revealed that the kidnapping was a setup designed by Ra's as a final test of whether or not Batman is suitable as an heir. Over the years however Talia has proven an important 'ally' in her way; most prominently, she encourages Batman to return to Gotham City when it is declared a "No Man's Land" following an earthquake, and he has lost his fighting spirit and didn't believe he could save Gotham.

After Jason Todd 's death at the hands of the JokerBatman brought his body back to Gotham and buried him with the rest of the Wayne Family. However, several years later, during The Infinite Crisis, Superboy Prime trying to change reality, resurrects Jason with a reality-altering punch. Although Jason is returned to life, his body and mind are still broken from the Joker's attack. Some time later, he is discovered by the League of Assassins. Out of her love for Batman, Talia takes Jason to her father and Jason spends months in the care of the League of Assassins.

Although his body recuperates, Jason's mind is shattered. Seeing no other way to help him, Talia takes Jason down to the Lazarus Pit and throws his body in while her father regenerates himself. Jason is fully revived in body and mind.Nowhere was this more apparent than with the inclusion of Ra's al Ghul Matt Nablea longtime Batman antagonist, as both a mentor and foe for Oliver Queen to deal with in place of Bruce Wayne. Arrow kept it all in the family with extended storylines for Ra's' daughter Nyssa al Ghul Katrina Law and now looks to double down on the once-immortal warrior's daughters: Talia al Ghul is coming to the show!

Talia al Ghul is also expected to be a recurring character. Aside from Talia and Bruce Wayne's complicated relationship, the antiheroine also has ties to a number of other DC Comics characters which opens up opportunities for Doig to appear across The CW's variety of superhero shows. And you can bet we'll be seeing some sisterly drama between Talia and Nyssa, which is a dynamic the show has been missing since the dearly departed Laurel Lance left her sister Sara behind.

How do you feel about the new addition? Let us know in the comments! With the news that Superman will be making an appearance on 'Supergirl,' here's how Batman could make an important impact on 'Arrow.

Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Dave Trumbore Articles Published. Read Next in television.She also has history with Batman. She then revealed to him that she was the mysterious individual known as The Demonwho he'd been searching for, as she had some kind of connection that might help him take down Ricardo Diaz. Oliver and Talia later came to terms as her former student helped her escape while Talia offered to help him expose Level Two of Slabside. After defeating the Thanatos Guild with the help of Oliver and Thea QueenTalia tried to reclaim her place as the new " Ra's al Ghul " but lost it in a fight with Thea, which later convinced her that they should lead the group together and rebrand it as the League of Heroes.

Talia al Ghul was born at some point prior to [5] to Ra's al Ghul and an unknown mother. InTalia and her father observed the time drifted Sara Lance as she was training and announced that she had the best performance.

Afterwards, Talia's father advised her to learn from Sara's skills.

Talia al Ghul (New Earth)

Talia has history with the Batman. Over the years, Talia maintained her youth due to the use of the Lazarus Pit 's waters. Talia likely has a complicated relationship with Batman, as she seemingly provided him an ancient suit of armor known as the Suit of Sorrowswhich once belonged to the Order of The Purea splinter faction of the Order of St.

Inafter learning of the death of her disciple, Talia decided to track down Yao Fei's former student, Oliver Queen.

talia al ghul arrow

Oliver accepted Talia's help, and the two raided and killed Yurievich and his men. Afterward, they returned to their hideout, where Talia convinced Oliver to rekindle his determination to complete his father's mission by reminding him that Robert Queen had left him a list of "all the Kovars" of his Starling City.

She then gave him a green hood and suitas well as a bow, before offering to train him and teach him to come to terms with the monster inside him. Later, Talia helped Oliver to track down and kill Hideo Yamanean individual on his father's list and one of the main drug lords of Starling City, while he was in Russia for his business.

After this, she encouraged him to talk to Anatoly in hopes that he could leave Bratva and come back to his city to begin his mission. AfterAdrian Chaseprior to the beginning of his crusade against Oliver Queen as Prometheus, was trained by Talia, instructions which included several specific fighting moves.

Talia reveals Prometheus ' identity to Oliver. Eventually, Oliver found the location of Talia's monastery and traveled there in order to inquire about any information she had regarding Prometheus' identity. However, he was shocked to find out that Talia knew Prometheus's plan all along and aided him executing it. After Oliver found Talia, she revealed her full name to him, confirming that she is, in fact, a daughter of Ra's al Ghul and that she assisted Prometheus in his plan because she wanted to get her revenge on Oliver for his role in her father's death.

She then made it clear that she yearned to make him suffer for what he did before then revealing that Prometheus true identity is Adrian Chase. Following a heated battle between Adrian and Oliver, Talia injected the latter with a tranquilizer arrow and the two kidnapped Oliver, taking him to an unknown location and chaining him in a cell.

When Oliver reminded Talia that her father was a man of honor who wouldn't approve of his daughter aligning herself with a "psycho", Talia simply retorted that both she and Oliver have disappointed their fathers. As she was leaving, Talia ordered Adrian to make Oliver suffer, instructions to which he wholeheartedly agreed. Meanwhile, Talia and her cult targeted Felicity Smoak and John Digglewho were trying to leave the city.

When the pair noticed Talia in their car's path, they attempted to hit her, but she easily dodged them and slashed her swords across the windshield, momentarily blinding their view.

The car swerved and crashed, allowing Talia and her fellow assassins to quickly secure a disoriented Felicity and Diggle. Talia and Evelyn threaten Oliver and his allies. Talia forced Oliver to stand down by threatening to kill Samantha and Digger revealed he'd been working with Adrian all along. Talia and Evelyn gave Slade the opportunity to join them. Slade seemed to accept, but suddenly lashed out at Digger, allowing Oliver to quickly take out Evelyn.

Talia fired an arrow at Samantha, only to be intercepted by Oliver's dart. Nyssa and Malcolm Merlyn then arrived to back up Oliver.She traveled the world with her father and learned numerous skills from him. Talia was also Batman's love interest but her loyalty to her father keeps them from being together. She would occasionally betray her father and help Batman or vice versa. However, after being spurred by him continuously and having their son side with him over her, she is now committed to destroying his legacy and everything he represents - including sacrificing their child to replace with a compliant clone.

She is an antagonist in the video games and the movie The Dark Knight Rises. Talia and Batman have a passionate, yet strained relationship. Over ten years ago, the two engaged in a sexual relationship that left Talia pregnant The details surrounding this incident change depending on the story, such as whether or not the two were legally married.

Her son, Damian Wayne, would eventually become the fifth Robin. While apparently working under Lex, she secretly tries overthrow him and eventually sells all of Lexcorp's assets to Wayne Foundation, leaving Luthor broke.

When Jason Todd was killed and subsequently resurrected-albeit with brain damage-Talia took him in, hoping to win Batman's love by taking care of one of his sidekicks. When Talia threw Jason into a lazarus pit, he emerged mentally restored. In order to stall him from killing Batman, Talia agrees to finance Jason and aid him in his training.

After the death of Ra's al Ghul, Talia became an increasingly villainous character, inheriting the League of Assassins and upgrading all her mercenaries using Kirk Langstrom's formula to create an army of ninja Man-Bats.

Talia al Ghul (Lexa Doig)

This was revealed to be a distraction for the detective, as Talia instigated a terrorist attack whilst Damian ran around Gotham wreaking havoc. Damian showed that he was inherently heroic by siding with his father instead of his mother. Talia would then declare war on both father and son for this Talia becomes the head of the sinister terrorist organisation known as Leviathan.

She sends moles to infiltrate the infrastructures of various communities, particularly Gotham. Talia also manages to clone Damianartificially grow the clone to adult size and use him as a personal bodyguard. Ra's al Ghul tries to reason with Talia, saying that her vendetta against Batman will do more harm than good, but Talia will not listen.

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Talia then orders for Damian's execution as a way of spiting Batman for turning their son against her. She has a more formally antagonist role in Superman: The Animated Series. She goes under the alias Miranda Tate for the majority of the film and acts as a supporting protagonist.Talia is the daughter of Ra's al Ghulthe leader of the League of Assassins. She is torn between the love of her father and her beloved, Batman. Talia is a shrewd leader herself, leading the League in her father's absence and being a founding member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains.

Talia was the daughter of Melisande and Ra's al Ghulleader of a secret worldwide organization. Unfortunately, Talia witnessed the murder of her mother at an early age, at the hands of a man called Quinlanthe orphaned godson of Ra's, who had raised him as his own.

Like this, Talia was raised by Ra's and she traveled the world with him, learning from his intellect and skills. She excelled in managing his criminal and legitimate operations, and she was eventually appointed as Ghul's primary heir. Talia first met Batman when he rescued her from Dr. Darkkthe current president of the League of Assassins. It was then that Batman learned that Talia was the daughter of Ra's and that he and Darrk have had a falling out in business. Darrk turned against Ra's and tried to eliminate Talia in revenge, but Batman foiled Darrk's plan and when he was being taken back to the authorities, Talia shot and killed Darkk to save Batman's life.

Talia was then apparently kidnapped and her father, Ra's, sought Batman's help to find her, knowing that Dick GraysonRobin, had also been kidnapped in the same way Talia was. Batman agreed to help Ra's find Dick and Talia; but as time passed, he learned that it had all been a quest to test his skills. It was all Ra's plan as a final test of Batman's suitability as an heir, since Talia had fallen in love with the Dark Knight. Afterwards, Talia learned that her father had been killed by one of his scientists and she started a quest to find and kill the man.

However, Talia didn't know that Ra's was revived and that the scientist had a formula which could be turned into a plague. When she cornered the scientist, she was stopped by Batman and they left the rogue scientist to die from his own weapon. Finally, Ra's and Talia were reunited and Batman noticed Talia's readiness to kill, which disturbed him.

Despite her efforts, Batman managed to learn the truth about Ra's crimes, starting their longtime rivalry. However, Batman showed some concern about having Talia as an enemy, and knowing that Batman had feelings for her made her happy, but she remained by her father's side. When Batman travelled to Switzerland with the purpose of capturing Ra's, Talia became aware of his intentions and with Ubu 's help, she prepared Ra's body for his "return".

Batman arrived at their hideout and Talia informed him about Ra's death.

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As Batman was leaving, Talia joined him, but before she left, she activated a machine that started the process of resuscitation by placing Ra's body into the Lazarus Pit. Talia and Ra's traveled to one of his desert bases, but Batman soon located them. Ra's challenged Batman to a duel to the death, and Talia couldn't help but cry at the sight of her loved ones fighting each other. Batman was eventually defeated after he was stung by a scorpion and was affected by its lethal venom.

Ra's left Batman to die, but Talia provided Batman the antidote behind her father's back. When Batman recovered, he finally captured Ra's, but he spared Talia, leaving her in the desert with a well-deserved parting kiss. Not long after this, Talia posed as a servant for the Penguinhoping to steal the loot from the criminal.

Her ultimate goal was to use the money to release her father from prison and rebuild his empire, but in the end, she helped Batman capture the Penguin and left empty handed. Afterwards, Talia gathered a small gang and organized a heist in Gotham in order to steal some valuable jewels.

During the crime, they were stopped by Batman and in order to escape, Talia tossed her gun at the Dark Knight. Unfortunately, she was shot in the back and the bullet killed her instantly. Talia was not actually dead and eventually, she revealed herself to Batman, once he was a wanted criminal and she tried to get him to join her and command Ra's empire.

Batman refused, but before he could capture Ra's, he was forced to save Talia from a burning circus tent, allowing Ra's to go free.Talia al Ghul : I heard you gave up the ring of the Demon's Head. What a foolish woman you've grown into. Nyssa al Ghul : It was your selfishness that forced me to grow up alone. Talia al Ghul : Our father never would have passed his mantle on to a woman. I had to forge my own path. Nyssa al Ghul : And you left me, knowing I would suffer at father's hand. Talia al Ghul : And do you wish to settle the score now?

Nyssa al Ghul : I stand with my friends. Talia al Ghul : You ally yourself with our father's murderer?

Talia al Ghul

He'd be ashamed of you. Nyssa al Ghul : Father was always ashamed of me. Felicity Smoak : Oliver! Slade Wilson : Keep your voice down.

Thea Queen : What the hell is he doing here? Oliver Queen : Where's William? Samantha Clayton : I don't know. We were separated. Oliver, what is going on? Slade Wilson : Why are they unguarded? Digger Harkness : Seems pretty obvious to me, mate. Digger Harkness : It's a trap.

Or your son loses his mother. Digger Harkness : Oh, and don't worry about that gun, mate.

talia al ghul arrow

Chase gave me this nice new one. Digger Harkness : Along with a better offer. Sign In. Showing all 2 items. Jump to: Quotes 2. Arrowverse Original Characters. Arrow Season 5 Review. June Streaming Guide.Arrow is about to incorporate a third member of the notorious al Ghul family: Talia al Ghul.

Who is Talia, and how might she impact both the series and its loyal fans?

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Yet, the simple fact that Arrow is bringing on another al Ghul means that the series has more stories to tell about the al Ghul family. A potential area of confusion for Arrow fans is that Talia al Ghul might not seem different enough from Nyssa.

Yet, not once has Nyssa mentioned her half-sister. Nevertheless, the Arrowverse has already established that Talia is part of its continuity.

Outside of the comics, Talia and Nyssa have never appeared in the same story. Since Nyssa is still alive within the Arrowverse, Arrow might be the first time that the al Ghul sisters appear together on screen. Otherwise, fans will simply see Talia as a carbon copy of Nyssa, which would be a blatant disservice to both characters. Talia has had a varied impact on other DC projects.

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talia al ghul arrow

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